Vim R

This week whilst doing some snooping on twitter I came across a project called Vim R.

As they have described, it is ‘an attempt to refine the Neovim experience’ by providing a GUI which interacts directly Neovim acting as a wrapper.

Getting started

Once you start up VimR, its clear the objective of the project with some of the quick tabs they have provided. A markdown renderer is provided to see what you are working on. A buffers tab will show you all buffers which are opening within your current Neovim session. You are also provided a convenient project finder which shows you files within your current working directly.

What’s also great is that the UI theme generates directly from your theme set in your .nvimrc file without any settings needed.

I’m excited as there are plans to take use more are being made parts of the .nvimrc file to manipulate more of the UI.

In its current state, I don’t see myself using this over my iterm + neovim setup (way too much time making it perfect). However, I can see the potential the project has.

Give Vim R a try when you get the chance.