I was recently was suggested to use Blisk by a colleague.


Blisk is a desktop app aimed at helping those who want to test websites responsively. It is built on top of chrome itself, so the interface is similar with a few changes to fit the apps needs.

To get started, you simply need to search for a website just like you would do within chrome (or any other browser). You are then presented with a interface which shows the site rendered within a mobile mock up and the actual website to the right of it. A navigation strip with the current device being used in the mobile render selected. Great thing is, scrolling on the mobile view will scroll on the main website view and vice versa.

Understanding the process is quite straight forward from there. You can change the device you are using to render the mobile view. You are also to select from a list of tablet and desktop sizes. You are also able to rotate the device orientation at a click of a button.


Blisk.io There is an inbuilt inspector which can be toggled to show details about elements on the page. Details are displayed in a similar way to what you will see on chrome dev tools.

Features such as screenshots and recording require an account with blisk which will save all captured data to the cloud.

I hoping Blisk will integrate this into my workflow while testing sites responsively.